PnR Programs



Build Up Your Self-Esteem and Unite Your Team

Our Penn Pal Programs involve teamwork and training sessions that incorporate learning and interacting with horses. In just six weeks, you will forge a lifelong bond with your horse and develop a closer relationship with your teammates. Our Penn pals 


Pennfields Recreational Equine Program (P.R.E.P.)

This program is customized for any age or stage. We offer lesson and training packages for riders and/or horses P.R.E.P. at your farm or ours.

The Art of Horsing Around

Stalls to Saddle – Tack to Trail


Lounge around, have a snack, do your homework, and groom and play with the horses—there’s always something to do at Pennfields Farm - P n R Training LLC. From stalls to saddle and tack to trail, you’ll have a good time!


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